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Austria to Borbon

The depopulation due to the expulsion of the moors did not influence too much in the city of Valencia since most of them lived in the countryside and in small towns, but there arose a financial complication produced by this expulsion, since the moors changed into gold and jewels all the coins obtained by the sales of its goods, even the false ones that they had minted themselves and this provoked the stock-exchange fall of Taula de Canvis of Valencia. The bourgeoisie was ruined.

The recuperation of bourgeoisie of valencia began with the recovery of the city government. Many trees were planted on the banks of the river, the works of a fish store were finished and a fountain on the market was built. In 1675 on the terrain of the Morería was installed the ‘Casa de la Misericordia’ and the textile industry was renewed with the adoption of Flemish and Italian technics . In 1704 Tomás Vicente Tosca outlined the plan of the city, which became the first detailed one and in which the old neighborhoods and the most modern quarters were well distinguished.

In 1700 Charles II died childless and left written in his testament that his heir will be Philip, Duke of Anjou and grandson of Louis XIV, while the Austrian Emperor Leopold appointed king of Spain to his son, the Archduke Charles of Austria who valencians were supporters. But on 25 April 1707 the supporters of the archduke were defeated in the Battle of Almansa and the juries of Valencia agreed to surrender. The June 29, Philip decreed the abolition of the Furs of Valencia.